Joining the Maronite Community

What is entailed becoming Maronite?


  • For Catholics: a meeting with our Rector may be all that is needed.  In some cases, Chrismation (confirmation) may be needed.  A child who is born of a Maronite Father is already Maronite Catholic regardless of which Catholic Church he or she was baptized at.


  • For non Catholics: A person who desires to be received into communion (unity) with the Church may do so by contacting  our parish priest who will set up a meeting.  Our pastor may ask others (e.g., a deacon, subdeacon, a knowledgeble parishoner) to assist in the formal instruction in the Faith and understanding of the traditions and customs of the Maronite Church. 


  •  If the person has never been validly baptized, he or she, must be baptized and receive Chrismation (confirmation) at a time mutually agreed upon by the pastor and the person; reception of the Eucharist would follow.  


  •  If the person has already been baptized (e.g., in the Lutheran or other Protestant denomination) he or she must receive Chrismation followed by reception of the Eucharist.


  •  If the person is a member of one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, he or she has already been baptized, received Chrismation and the Eucharist.  A different process would be employed for this person to be received into the Catholic/Maronite Church and should consult with the Rector.



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